about us

HAIR F/X is a unique and successful model of how to drive a business. It operates as a co op of hairdressers that rent their own working space, and share overall business costs. When you take several hairdressers and put them under one roof, each one makes sure that client are is paramount

Originally HAIR F/X was started in the 80's by Ken Young. He wanted to own a salon that would bring hairstylists together to join in on achievment for themselves and for their families.

Later Jocelyn, his wife, joined the team after selling her successful business that she owned for almost 25 years in Morinville called Headband Hairstylists.

As a reflection of their commitment to their salon the HAIR F/X team has grown from four stylists to fourteen and is still growing.


We have created our space to express creativity, comfort, energy and an abundance of experience

our clients

Expect clear communication, thorough consultations, and an end result that exceeds their expectations

our stylists

Always has a positive outlook and we strive to create a culture that is about inspiration, passion, and learning. We continue to build an environment that is pleasurable to work in and that clients like to return to.