HAIR FX is looking for qualified and experienced hairstylists. We operate as a chair rental business model only. We will help you to get set up with the advice and support you need to get started. Running your own business is rewarding and it offers you a whole different lifestyle.

You get to choose the hours that you want: This is helpful if you have children, you are pursuing further education or you just like to sleep in.

You can choose your own holidays: This is helpful if you have a spouse that gets lenghty holidays, you have family overseas or out of province, you need a break more often to work to your highest performance.

You can choose appointment length and services: If you want to take 1 1/2 hours to do a haircut, you can specialize or not do services that are not your strengths

You can choose your day/s off

There is no pressure to meet product quotas

If you are not busy, you can leave to errands you would've had to do on your day off.

You are able to do your family and friends hair anytime during your work day

If you are interested, please email for all the information to help you get started.

Look forward to becoming business partners!!!!!